What is GOOD MPG for your car?

If you have a car with a good MPG or gas mileage score, then it means that you can save on your fuel cost and travel further. According to the agency of Environmental Protection of the USA, they have created a fuel economy rating which evaluates vehicles on the scale of 1 which is the worst, and 10 which is the best. These numbers are found on the new car labels if you are buying a new vehicle. But in the case of used cars in Sevierville, you need to get them checked with a reliable expert.

For most cars that were built in the year 2020, vehicles that have a 1 rating would give an MPG of 14 or lesser, whereas for a score of 10 the car needs to have an MPG of 44 or more. Numerous other factors play a role in this. It depends upon the type of vehicle that you are driving and your driving style too. All these factors together would determine the amount that you will be spending on gas.

Reasons for poor gas mileage:

Whether you are driving a new car or used cars in Sevierville, these factors would negatively impact your gas mileage.

Speed: The vehicle will burn more fuel when you are driving at high speed. This will also include your way of accelerating the vehicle.

Idling: When you keep your car on for warming up or cooling down, so when you are queuing up at the drive-thru or waiting to pick up your kid from the soccer practice then it will all decrease the economy of the vehicle.

Excess weight and Aerodynamic drag: When you are driving too fast or traveling with the cargo carrier on the rooftop, then your car will face wind resistance. This can cause the vehicle to use more gas. When you are towing any kind of trailer or hauling too much on the bed, trunk, or seat belt then this will also require more fuel.

Poor Maintenance: From unattended engine issues and underinflated tires, the failure will consistently tune up your vehicle.

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