FÉDÉRATION INTERNATIONALE dE PHILATÉLIE                   Commission for Maximaphily


 3rd Maximum Card Competition,  2005.


First Prize: Germany.

The German scientist and Nobelist (1905), Robert Koch discovered the bacilli which are the cause of Tuberculosis and cholera, thus preventing infection and saving millions of people from death. Maximum card created by the German Jürgen Noll on the occasion of 100 years anniversary of the award of the Nobel Prize to Robert Koch. Jürgen Noll in his creation successfully expressed his high sensitivity about the health of the whole of humanity for a better quality of human life and at the same time he achieved an excellent visual connection between the subject of the stamp, the picture postcard and the perfectly illustrated cancellation.



Second Prize: Findland.

Golf is the game, the object of which is to hit the ball from each tee into each hole with as few strokes as possible. Golf is connected with the message that its regular practice gives a better quality of life. Maximum card perfectly created and message given by Kalevi Ant-Wuorinen from Finland.



 Third Prize: Spain.

Gastronomy is the art of taste and the appreciation of good food material which leads also to a better quality of life. It was the common subject for Europa issues 2005.  Maximum card perfectly created and message given by the ASEMA (Asociación Española de Maximofilia) from Spain.







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