Tips to help you organize an anniversary party

Is your wedding anniversary coming up? You must be excited to hold a party then. If you aren’t sure where to start, fret not, we have you covered with these tips. There are a lot of things that go into planning a party. Well, you can think of handing over the task to an event management firm so that you can sit back and enjoy your day. Make sure you order your signature beer cocktail to make your day special and memorable.

  • Select a date:

If you are planning to invite some guests over to your anniversary party, you have to set the date in advance and also make sure you inform them of the same. You need to give at least a month’s notice to the guests. This will help them plan their schedule accordingly. Also, decide on whether it will be a day or night party. If someone is taking care of the organization task make sure you inform them of all the details.

  • Location:

Here too the time of the party will play a major factor in deciding the location for the party. Whether it is a day or evening party will have a bearing on the location. Also, the number of guests helps decide the location. For a small group of very close friends and relations, a party at your home would be a good choice. If the number of people will be large and mostly a formal party, then you have to choose a hotel or resort.

  • Food and drinks:

           What is a party without food and drinks? They form a very important part of your party. Don’t forget your signature beer cocktail which can make your party special. Decide whether you will be cooking at home or hiring a caterer for the same. When you outsource this task, a major burden is reduced. You can make other arrangements with peace of mind. Make sure you give the correct number of guests you expect to your caterer. You should be including many varieties and not focus on only your favorites so that your guests can enjoy the food. And yes don’t forget the cake!!

  • Party theme:

A party with a theme would be a great idea. Your theme should reflect you and your life. How many years you have crossed will decide which anniversary you are celebrating. The color of your theme also depends on this. You can decide on the party decor also based on this. For example, your 25th anniversary will be silver, and your 40th will be ruby. You can choose these as the color of your theme. Plan your attire based on the color of your theme and make your day etched in memory.

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