Live With Healthy Breast by Mammogram Screening in Morristown, NJ

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In terms of mammogram screening, it is a mammogram generally done for women having no symptoms or signs of breast cancer. Regular mammogram screening can aid in the deaths number reduction from breast cancer chiefly among women aged as 40-to 74. This is due to they can early find Breast cancer and earlier the treatment is started maybe before its spreads. Meanwhile, mammogram screening in Morristown, NJ also has risk as they can sometimes find that look abnormal but fail to be cancer. As a result, further testing and anxiety can be caused. Sometimes, mammograms can miss out on cancer mainly when it is there.

Benefit of screening

The only benefit of screening is to look at early cancer as it is easier for treating.

Risk of screening

  • The harms generally comprise test results that are false positives as when a doctor looks at something that just looks like cancer, but it fails to be. As a result, more tests are to be conducted, which can be time-consuming, invasive, expensive, and might cause anxiety.
  • Also, tests can result from overdiagnosis as doctors figure out cancer that fails to behave goes to cause problems or symptoms or even might on its own can go away. These cancers treatment is usually referred to as overtreatment. The overtreatment contains recommend treatments for breast cancer like radiation therapy or surgery. These can result in unwanted and unnecessary side efforts. Potential harms often from breast cancer screening comprise during the procedure the pain and exposure to radiation from itself mammogram test. Meanwhile, the radiation amount in a mammogram is usually small, and there might be risks along with having repeated x-rays.
  • The mammogram screening might also miss some cancers, referred to as test results of false-negative which might delay cancer finding and get treatment.


It can be concluded that mammogram screening in Morristown, NJ is specialized medical imaging mainly to see inside the breasts with the help of a low dose x-ray system. It usually aids in the diagnosis and detection early of women-related breast diseases.

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