Solutions for medium-sized pharmacies

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Customers are increasingly going to the pharmacy to get advice on health issues. They have confidence in the competence of pharmacists and see them as a key function in the treatment of minor illnesses, and as an aid in navigating the vast amounts of information available BestRx.

Pharmacists are gradually taking on functions that were previously performed by other health care institutions. This permits pharmacies to reposite themselves in a hard market climate, where e-commerce is increasingly widespread, thanks to the use of the pharmacist’s key resource – his professionalism.

All of this requires a restructuring of the work processes and the structure of the pharmacy , to allow the transition of the pharmacy from a drug dispensary to a health service center.

Personalized configuration of your pharmacy

We are sure that mechanization should not be at the soul of a drugstore renovation project. Rather, drugstore robots should be utilized in a way that enables for new setups and flexibly supports future pharmacy adaptations .

From the customer’s point of view, there are two key factors to credibly position yourself as a health service center:

The time the druggist spends with them privately

The space that allows you to deal with delicate issues.

Discover one of the possible configurations.

The combination of pharmacy automation¬† with easy and intuitive software for managing storage, stock levels and orders frees up pharmacists’ time.

The Open Pharmacy concept for medium-sized pharmacies can count on a technical feature that increases the retail space , in favor of separate advice points. The storage and dispensing robots can be relocated and placed in separate spaces , even on different floors. Thanks to the transport solutions, the products are delivered quickly and reliably to the sales station.

The function of the traditional pharmacy counter thus becomes obsolete, allowing maximum freedom in interior design.


Inventory management and stock optimization

Pharmacy automation systems have a significantly smaller footprint and at the same time a higher storage density than traditional warehouses. Furthermore, our solutions grow with your pharmacy, and can be adapted as the volumes of work increase, for example by adding a second robotic arm. Manual activities not in contact with the patient are reduced, and automation is overshadowed by the customer’s perception thanks to relocation.

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