Different collars in men’s shirts

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  • Shirts are the must-have attire of the men’s wardrobe. And, their collars are also significant to redefine their personality. In the market, you can find many types of collar shirts, and you can choose any according to your overall outfit and occasion.
  • You have seen many online websites that offer various types of collars. You can choose any site My hero academia merch to explore your desired shirt.
  • In this article, I am going to discuss different types of shirt collars that can make your day perfect. You just need to go through all the points given below to know more:
  • The wing collar shirt: This collar looks like small wings that can successfully add charm to your overall look. This collared shirt can perfectly go with a tuxedo and blazers. So, next time you have a family function, you can put on this wing collar shirt to get an intense look.
  • The point collar shirt: In this type of collar, the edges of the collar are pointed. You can wear this shirt in office and office gatherings as it gives you a formal look. You can also wear this collar shirt with a blazer and coat, and the pointed collars remain the same. Also, you can carry ties in these types of the collar as they look exemplary and elegant. So, choose this one also to rock on the office events.

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  • The spear collar shirt: These collars are also in fashion and give you the retro look. Yes, these collars are just like pointed collars but the difference is these are a bit longer than typical pointed collars. If you need retro vibes and feel nostalgic, you can choose these collar shirts also to your ensemble. Ideal for any outfit, these shirts can make you feel ravishing.
  • The button-down collar shirt: You may have heard about the button-down collar shirt as these shirts are very famous among gentlemen. In these shirts, buttons have been given under the edges of the collars to button down the. It provides a unique and edgy look to anyone who gets this shirt. You can wear this shirt on casual or formal events according to your fashion sense.
  • The band collar shirt: This is also called the mandarin collar, and it has become the most demanding collar in the 21st century. Ideal for any occasion, this shirt can make you perfect with different levels.
  • Conclusion:
  • Collars are the best part of any shirt to change its look. You need to grab the best one according to the occasion’s need.

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